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Wausau woman arrested for sexually assaulting teen


WAUSAU (WAOW)--A 24-year-old Wausau woman is arrested for repeated sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy.

She was arrested for having sex with the teen between August and December 2009. During that time, the teen helped with chores and babysitting for her 8-year-old son.

According to the incident report, the teen says the 24-year-old woman asked to have sex with him repeatedly and he eventually "gave in."

According to that same report, after the teen stopped seeing her, she threatened the teen saying her friends would "beat him" if the teen or his mother told police.

The teen's mother says that he has mental issues and that the 24-year-old woman was "well aware" of those mental issues.

The teen's mother says she found out when the 24-year-old tried to seduce her other son in January 2010. That teen, a 17-year-old, told his mother.

Court records are not yet updated with the charges. Newsline 9 is with holding the name of the woman until she's officially charged. Because of the nature of the assaults and his minor status, we will not release any identifying information about the teen.

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