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Youth Hero: Kiln Backus

Youth Hero: Kailyn Backus


by Elizabeth Fay

GREENWOOD (WAOW)--This evening we recognize 13-year-old Kailyn Backus. Her quick thinking when her neighbor had a frightening fall earns her the "Red Cross Youth Hero" title.

Last year, Kailyn Backus took her neighbors to a park in Greenwood. The girls were having fun until her 3 year old neighbor, Mckayla, fell off a platform and hit her head. Kailyn came to her rescue.

"I started to carry her home and then she vomited on me. I tried to stand her up but she would just fall back down," says Kailyn.

That's when Kailyn called her dad, the Chief Deputy of Clark County. Then she waited with her neighbors until help arrived.

"It was scary because I didn't know what was wrong or what was going to happen," says Kailyn.

"When we arrived on scene just prior to the ambulance we saw the little girl just laying there on the ground," Says Kailyn's father, Chief Deputy James Backus.

Shortly after, an ambulance arrived and carried Mckayla off to the hospital.It wasn't until the next day that they realized the importance of Kailyn's quick thinking.

"She did have a brain bleed, which really set everything on how life-threatening it really was and how important it was for Kailyn to get the system rolling," says Backus.

What's even more impressive, the fall happened less than 10 months after Kailyn had open heart surgery.

"Carrying this girl who was probably 40 pounds and Kailyn not being 100 pounds herself, it was pretty amazing," says Backus.

Kailyn will be recognized at the Real Hero's banquet on March 23rd.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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