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Push for 'Honor Flight' fundraiser underway

by Natalie Sparacio

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (PRESS RELEASE)-- Nationally we have 3,000,000 WWII Veterans that are dying at the rate of 900 to 1,500 per day.

The Never Forgotten Honor Flight, the fifth Honor Flight Hub in Wisconsin and the newest affiliate of the National Honor Flight Network was established on Veteran's Day, 2009. Our mission is to fly veterans from the 19 Wisconsin Counties we serve to see the monuments that stand in their honor.

Currently there are about 14,000 WWII Veterans in those 19 counties.

Each of our Honor Flights will originate from Central Wisconsin Airport and will carry approximately 100 Veterans and their 50 guardians on a one day trip to Washington D. C. -- at no cost to the Veterans!

Our call to action is to raise an estimated $85,000 for each flight from individuals, businesses and foundations, and to continue these flights until all Veterans from all wars are offered the opportunity to take this trip.

***** Funding – please attached Sponsor Level Form

**** Guardians – to assist Veterans on their trip

*** ‘In Kind' contributions

** Volunteers to help plan and staff Honor Flight activities

* Spread the word to Veterans and their families about the Honor


Never Forgotten Honor Flight's mission is to organize and fly groups of veterans (at no cost to the veteran) to Washington D. C. to visit their war memorials.

Never Forgotten Honor Flight is based in Wausau, Wisconsin and is the fifth Wisconsin based affiliate of the national Honor Flight Network.

Our first flight is planned for early second quarter of 2010.

Veterans are selected on a first-come first-served basis with priority given to WWII veterans and any veteran with a terminal illness.

Never Forgotten Honor Flight serves north central and north western Wisconsin.

Veterans can request an application (and assistance with submitting the application) at their veterans organizations or by calling 715.573.8519 or on our web site, www.neverforgottenhonorflight.org .

Flight day includes a departure ceremony, breakfast, the flight to and from Washington D. C., deluxe tour bus service to and from the memorials, lunch, dinner and a welcome home ceremony.

Since 2005, the Honor Flight Network and its affiliates have safely transported more than 17,000 veterans through similar "Honor Flights".

To assist disabled veterans, oxygen and wheelchairs are provided. Each veteran must provide a medical release from their private physician.

Never Forgotten Honor Flight provides trained volunteer ‘guardians' to accompany the veterans on the aircraft and while visiting the memorials.

Each guardian pays his or her own way and is required to attend a training session. Guardian Applications are available on our web site, www.neverforgottenhonorflight.org .

Spouses of Never Forgotten Honor Flight veterans are not allowed to serve as guardians.

Never Forgotten Honor Flight receives no government funding and depends on tax deductible donations, which can be mailed to Never

Forgotten Honor Flight, Inc.

 P. O. Box 5056, Wausau, WI, 54402-

5056, or through our web site, www.neverforgottenhonorflight.org

Donations of any amount are welcome. Donors can ‘Sponsor a Vet' with a $500 donation, which covers the day's cost for one veteran.

Companies interested in sponsorship may contact any Board Member.

Individuals and groups interested in the many volunteer opportunities that exist can learn more by calling 715.573.8519 or visiting our web site, www.neverforgottenhonorflight.org

World War Two ended more than 60 years ago. America traditionally has not built memorials to wars.

We have built many battle monuments and statues honoring specific warriors and even honored specific branches of the armed services, but until the Vietnam Memorial Wall was constructed, we didn't build monuments to conflicts. Vietnam changed that, for whatever reason. Finally, in May of 2004, the World War Two Memorial was dedicated to the memory of those who fought in that conflict.

The problem is that most of the veterans to whom the Memorial is dedicated consider themselves too old to travel and see it, and of the 16 million men and women who served in the war, only about 3 million are still alive. Depending on which figures you use, they are dying at a rate of 1,100 to 1,700 a day.

Never Forgotten Honor Flight has a very simple mission: We want to fly as many of those survivors as are able to Washington to experience "their" Memorial and a few other sights and sounds of the nation's capital, at no cost to our Veterans. Our statement to these members of the Greatest Generation is: You have paid enough. We want to share with you the Memorial our country has constructed to honor your service.

All veterans are accompanied by Guardians. These are volunteers who have attended a special training session to help them learn how to make sure our Veterans are well attended to during their one-day trip to Washington. The Guardians pay their own way – about $500.

Our Veterans are fed well, receive deluxe motor coach transport around the Washington area, and have the chance to mingle with other Veterans visiting the Memorials. Upon their return home they will be greeted with a hero's welcome.

The cost of arranging one flight from Central Wisconsin to Washington D.C. is approximately $85,000, depending on size of aircraft, price of fuel, and many other variables. The cost for each traveler is about $500.

Our goal is to launch two flights each year for as long as we have World War Two Veterans to honor. After that, Korean War veterans will begin to take their place in line. Their Memorial was also built decades after the end of the "forgotten war" so many of them have also not had the chance to see their Memorial.

For the debt our nation owes these men and women, we feel our efforts are entirely appropriate. We would appreciate your support in any form, as we continue the Never Forgotten Honor Flight project.


$500 Sponsors one Veteran

$1,000 Team – sponsors 2 Veterans

$2,500 Patrol - sponsors 5 Veterans

$5,000 Squad - sponsors 10 Veterans

$10,000 Platoon- sponsors 20 Veterans

$20,000 Company - sponsors 40 Veterans

$80,000 Flight – underwrites an entire Flight


Donations can be mailed to:

Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin

Never Forgotten Honor Flight

500 First Street, Suite 2600

Wausau, WI 54403

Or log on to our web site at: www.neverforgottenhonorflight.org   

and click on ‘donate'.

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

The Case for Never Forgotten Honor Flight


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