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Why do we have the Weather 9?


WAOW's 'Weather 9' has been around for decades. In fact, people of all ages seem to have some understanding about why we have it here at Channel 9.  If you don't know what it is, it is a light in the shape of a 9 on the side of our building. You can see it if you are coming from the north on Grand Ave in Wausau. 

There is a little poem that goes along with it:

When the weather 9 is red; warmer weather is ahead.

When weather 9 is green; cooler weather is foreseen.

When the weather 9 is white; little change is in sight.

When the weather 9 is flashing by night or day; precipitation is on the way. 

There are longtime residents who can recite the poem by heart.

Our StormTrack 9 meteorologists change it according to the weather and the trends they anticipate for the next 24 to 36 hours.  If they have it on red, we should be seeing a temperature tomorrow (or today) warmer than its predecessor.  Likewise if it is green it should be colder. And if it will be almost the same temperature as yesterday then the 9 will be white. 

The flashing is also helpful because it shows not only the temperature trend but if we are expecting precipitation. If there may be rain or snow in the forecast we change it to flash.

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