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Marathon Co. Real Heroes: Good Samaritan Heroes

Casey Foss Casey Foss
Darrin Franke Darrin Franke

by Pam Warnke

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW)--  The elderly woman and her disabled son who lived in a home that caught fire, can credit Darrin Franke and Casey Foss with saving their lives.  Franke was driving up north with a friend to hunt last April.  Foss was driving by with his wife as they headed out to dinner.  Both Franke and Foss pulled over on Highway 13 in the Town of Brighton to help when they noticed flames billowing from the home. 

Franke was the first inside.

"I saw the lady first, and I started yelling at her to get out.  I think she was in shock because she wouldn't listen at all," he said.

Foss met up at the front door.  He helps the woman get outside and makes his way in.  The elderly woman's wheelchair bound son is still inside.  The front of the home is now completely on fire.

Foss said, "I kind of wheeled him back into the house.  That's when he (Darrin) found the ramp in the garage, and we were able to wheel him back into the living area where the flames were, into the kitchen, and then out into the garage and the outside of the house."

Franke and Foss, as well as others who stopped to help, managed to save some of the family's other personal possessions.  Two men who were driving by that didn't have to stop.  And, both are modest enough to think they didn't do anything extraordinary.

Darrin and Casey have not seen each other since that day.  They will reunite to receive the Good Samaritan Heroes Award on April 15, 2010.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke


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