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Congressman Obey praises health care reform passage

By Katie Rosenberg

WASHINGTON DC (WAOW)--On Sunday, the House of Representatives passed what amounts to the most sweeping changes to the American health care system since Congress passed Medicare in 1965.

Wisconsin Congressman Dave Obey voted in favor of reform, saying the legislation is long overdue. The Wausau democrat says the changes in this bill will affect nearly all aspects of the health care industry but insurance companies will face some of the biggest and most immediate changes.

Those changes include restrictions on annual pay out caps and restrictions on pulling coverage except in case of fraud.

Children also can't be excluded because of pre-existing conditions and they'll be able to stay on parents' insurance longer, until age 26.

Obey says that despite the opposition, those are positive changes for the American people. "I think the bill puts the security and peace of mind of the average working families ahead of political ideology so that medical decisions can be made on the basis of what they need instead of what they can afford," Obey said in a phone interview.

Obey voted for reform efforts twice before, under both the Nixon and Clinton Administrations.

Online Reporter: Katie Rosenberg

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