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Obama to sign health care overhaul into law


WASHINGTON (ABC)-- History is being made at the White House Tuesday as President Barack Obama signs health care reform into law.  But the republican backlash has already begun, with lawmakers laying the groundwork for legal challenges to the bill. 

When the president puts pen to paper Tuesday morning, he will have won a truly historic victory, though the fight is far from over.

Rick Klein, ABC News Senior Political Reporter, says "The debate over healthcare reform has really just begun. It's been going on for a year and there's no signs that it's going to end any time soon."

The attorneys general in a dozen states, all of them Republicans, have filed suit to block the bill.  They are arguing that its mandate that everyone get health insurance is unconstitutional. Four state legislatures have already passed laws to block the bill.   And two Republicans, Senator Jim Demint and Congressman Steve King, have introduced bills to repeal the legislation.

Representative Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, says "It sends a message and it lays the groundwork because this November the American people need to know where every member of Congress stands."

The Senate now debates the bill of changes that passed in the House.  Democrats will try and pass the measure using budget reconciliation rules which would require just 51 votes.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney


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