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Small business owners unsure about health care reform

by Colby Robertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- The new health care reform law is outlined in 2,700 pages making it difficult for many people to understand exactly how this will affect them. With amendments and provisions on the way, no one really knows exactly what this means for small businesses, but many owners are nervous as they look ahead to the future.

As Paul Jones looks ahead to what should be the busiest months for his seasonal landscaping firm LandArt, he has a lot of apprehensions about the future of his small business.

Now that health care reform is the law of land he fears costs will only go up.

Jones says, "Not only are costs going to go up but the choices are going to go down. The quality of care will diminish and government intervention will continue to increase in an effort to offset that and we'll exacerbate the entire situation. I'll bet on that."

The tough economic times have already taken a toll on small businesses throughout north central Wisconsin. He says this is the last thing they need for economic development.

Jones says, "It will prevent small businesses from making aggressive decisions in terms of growth or hiring that they will tend to become very conservative until this legislation is more out in the open than it has been."

He says he doesn't know exactly how health care reform is going to affect his small business and workers down the road. A number of other small business owners in the area declined to comment on camera until they knew more. With amendments and provisions on the way, they don't know what this means for their business. With that uncertainty comes anxiety.

Jones says, "There's a lot of unknown and so I think the initial reaction is to wait and see what the implications of this are going to be and most people are going to wait and see in a very conservative mode."

Congressman Dave Obey spoke about the historic legislation yesterday saying for moral and economic reasons this was the right thing to do. Specifically for small businesses he says there is no way they can provide health care coverage in the existing system and this will go a long way to help them do that.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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