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Marathon Co. Real Heroes: Health Care Hero


by Pam Warnke

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW)-- Little did Tamara Frinak know what she was about to stumble upon August 14, 2009, when she went out for a jog in Wausau.  In the midst of her chaplain training, at Aspirus Hospital, she would be tested both spiritually and physically.

"I believe that people are put into peoples paths every minute of every hour of every day," said Frinak.

That hour on that day Frinak spotted a man bobbing in the Wisconsin River's fast moving current.  She yells for him to swim ashore.

She said, "I was just yelling that God would help him swim and stay afloat.  I kind of went into chaplain mode.  I was just screaming to him and praying for him as I was telling him to come closer."

It was a test for Frinak and for the man.  She takes the shirt off her back for him to grab onto, guides him along a retaining wall so he can hold onto a poll, runs to get help, eventually returning to his side.

"I got over there and he was really not responding at that point.  He was kind of going under, but he was still holding onto that piece of metal," said Frinak.

Others shows up to help, and finally local rescue crews arrive and eventually pull the man from the water.

"This man needed a second life.  He needed a second chance.  God intended for him to be here, and I was the person.  God wanted me to help him," said Frinak.  "I just feel I was kind of a vessel there to help pull him out."

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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