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PRESS RELEASE: IAMAW Union comments on Merrill Manufacturing strike


MERRILL (PRESS RELEASE)--After the company rejected the union's latest proposal which included the reductions the company had requested, IAMAW Local Lodge 2362 went on strike at 5:30 this morning March 24.  The union proposal included the possibility that the concessions requested by the company because of their financial troubles would be ended when the company and the markets recovered.  Apparently the company is unwilling to share the monies made by the recovery when it occurs.

In addition to wage and working condition give backs, the company proposal would require that the average worker with a family would have to pay about 65% of their after tax straight time take home wages for health insurance.

According to Jere McFalda, Directing Business Representative of IAMAW Woodworkers District Lodge 3, "The union proposal that the company rejected had in it everything the company asked for to remain competitive.  All these union members wanted was the hope of having their conditions restored when the company conditions improved.  The fact that the company is unwilling to share the wealth is another sign of how greedy US businesses have become.  The workers fully understand the 21st Century marketplace that includes paying $844 per month for family health coverage with a $6000 deductible while earning $10 per hour.  The 21st Century marketplace in the United States should not include poverty level wage and benefit packages."

Local union President Norma Schroder, "We wanted to have the hope that when the economy recovers that we who do the work to create the products would be able to share in that recovery.  I guess with billion dollar Wall Street bonuses, the companies are just too greedy to even consider sharing with us who actually make something in America."

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Woodworkers District Lodge W3

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