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Threats against lawmakers pro-health care bill

WASHINGTON (ABC)--  President Barack Obama heads to Iowa Thursday to tout health care reform, even as Congress members receive violent threats for voting in favor of reform.  And part two of that reform law is having an even tougher time making its way on Capitol Hill.

Overnight, Senate Democrats discovered they will have to make corrections before a vote, then send it back to the House for another round of approval.

More than ten Democratic House members are receiving stepped up security Thursday morning, after a series of threats and incidents targeting those who voted for health care reform.

This voice mail, "You turncoat son-of-a-(bleep sound). I hope you die," was left for Congressman Bart Stupak.  And in Wichita, Kansas and in Monroe County, New York, local Democratic party offices have been vandalized.

Brad Garrett, a former FBI Agent, says, "Your antenna just has to go up until you figure out the capability - is this just someone blowing off steam inappropriately - or do they actually really want to do something."

Democrats suggest Republicans are to blame. 

On Sarah Palin's Facebook page, cross hairs mark the districts of 17 Democratic Members of Congress she wants to see defeated in November.

Representative Steny Hoyer, Democratic Majority Leader, says, "When people start talking in the rhetoric of putting people on firing lines.. or they put a target on their faces, with cross-hairs -- that activity ought to be unacceptable in our democracy."

The House Republican Leader also condemned the behavior, calling violence and threats "unacceptable."

John Boehner, Republican House Minority Leader said on Fox, "I know there is anger, but let's take that anger, and go out and register people to vote, go volunteer on a political campaign, and let's do it the right way."

According to a Senate Democratic spokesman, the bill making changes to health care reform will have to go back to the House for final approval, something top Democrats were desperately trying to avoid.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney


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