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When Was the Latest Snowfall on Record?

We are going to break a record for the month of March and it is a pretty impressive record.  We are going to go down as the first year EVER in recorded history for Wausau that we didn't see even a trace of snow reported!  Considering most of March is still in the winter season it is really unheard of to not see at least some snow reported.  This is not meaning we didn't see snow around the area but we did not see any snow in Wausau.  This just goes to prove how El Nino really impacted us over the winter, very mild and very dry.  The issue now is the fire danger and we could really use some rain.

 On the topic of snow I received a question on when was the last trace of snowfall recorded and when was the earliest snowfall ever recorded. 

 For this I went through our Wausau Record book and also contacted the NWS office in Green Bay who keeps our records.  This is the information that I have found out:

 Earliest snowfall:

Earliest Trace was on September 15th 1959

Earliest Accumulation was September 26th 2.0"

Latest snowfall:

 Latest Trace was May 30th 1897/1989

Latest Accumulation was May 28th 1947 1.0"

Till Next Time! Meteorologist Kristen Connolly

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