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Transit security changes

WASHINGTON (ABC)--  Today the government announces new security rules, not only for air travel, but also for ground transportation.  This is part of a chilling assessment of how vulnerable our transit system is.

When it comes to the terror watch list, the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a transatlantic flight from Amsterdam to Detroit was a game-changer.

Russell Travers, National Counter Terrorism Center, says, "I will say I'm 100% certain I've never had anybody tell me that the list was too small before Christmas. It's getting bigger and it will get much bigger."

This morning, the Obama administration is announcing what they believe will be an important new crime fighting tool, the likes of which the president promised back in January.

Whereas the no-fly and watch list contain specific names, now airlines will be told, for instance, to also look for anyone with a passport stamp from a particular country.  It's intelligence based instead of name-based. 

As part of the new airline security initiative, the automatic secondary screening of any passenger from 14 countries considered either "state sponsors of terror" or "countries of interest," will no longer be in effect.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney

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