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Marathon Co. Real Heroes: Law Enforcement Hero

by Pam Warnke

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- It started as an average day for Marathon City Police Sgt. Kory Gertschen.  But on this day, the 41-year-old's actions would directly save a life.  A Marathon City woman calls with concern for her husband.  He's a truck driver who was scheduled to make a stop in Pennsylvania, but never arrived.  She calls Sgt. Gertschen after talking with Pennsylvania state police.

"I contacted the Pennsylvania state police myself and without a whole lot of luck they put out an attempt to locate this party.  They weren't actively looking for him at that time," said Gertschen.

Without an active search underway, Gertschen knows they must figure out another way to find him.  He and the man's wife work together to track him through cell phone records.

"We figured out a way where we could have Mrs. Keen contact the cell phone company on his behalf," said Gertschen.  "His cell phone company then contacted me, and we were able through GPS to do what we call ping a cell phone and get a GPS location."

The man is found in a location not far off of his expected route.  He's in the cab on his semi and has suffered a stroke.

Taking the extra step to help a local woman find her husband far away earns Gertschen the Law Enforcement Hero award this 2010.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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