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Faber wins Abbotsford alderman seat in card draw

by Pam Warnke

ABBOTSFORD (WAOW)-- It all came down to the cards.  It seems like a strange way to decide who wins an election, but that's how challenger Brent Faber wins his spot as alderman.  Faber, the challenger for the Third Ward position, wins with an eight of hearts.

"I don't know.  I'm kind of excited.  I'm a little shaky in the legs.  I'm just going to see how things go from here," said Faber.

The incumbent, Dennis Wesphal, loses with a six of diamonds.

He said, "I think right now we're gonna take a step back, be a concerned citizen in the crowd, watch how things go, how the city progresses.  I have a deep care for this community."

The opponents tied on Tuesday.  Voters who headed to the polls cast 31 votes for each.  The tie brings about the card draw and this isn't the first time.

"We did have one occasion a couple years ago, about 8 years ago, that we also did have a tie.  So, it's not normal but it has happened to us in Abbotford in the last ten years," said Abbotsford City Clerk Jenny Lopez.

Statue states deciding a tie requires a lottery type system.  The card draw was used last time, so why not again?

"We determined that cards would probably be the easiest," Lopez said.

Westphal can challenge his loss and he says he's planning to.  But this time, he'll get a good old-fashioned recount.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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