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Alternate Registration Form: Extreme Yard Makeover 2010


NAME:                                                                              .

ADDRESS:                                                                        .

                   (city)                  (state)                 (zip)

TELEPHONE #                                            .  AGE             .

ADDRESS OF YARD for "Extreme Yard Makeover":


To participate we agree to comply with the following:

  • A photo of the front or back yard being entered must accompany this registration.
  • Registration due by 5PM on Friday, May 21, 2010.
  • One registration form per household.
  • Must read and agree with all contest rules.
  • Taxes are the responsibility of the winner.
  • Registration must be delivered to WAOW TV-9, a sponsor location or emailed to If submitting via email, please attach signed/scanned registration form and photo.
  • Must sign and date below to enter EXTREME YARD MAKEOVER
  • I verify that all the information on this registration is correct, and that I am the owner/owners (2 signatures required if property is jointly owned) of the property located at                                                                                             .

Owner:                                                                                               .

                            (print)                           (signature)

Co-Owner (if applicable):                                                                       . 

                                               (print)                       (signature)

Date:                               .

Tell us WHY your yard or someone else's deserves a makeover:

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