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Mock crash kills 2 Mosinee students

by Cami Mountain

MOSINEE (WAOW) -- It's prom night at Mosinee High School and a student crashes a car, behind the wheel drunk.

It's not a pretty scenario, but one that can easily become reality.

That's why Mosinee High School students put on this mock car crash.  It's meant to show students want can and often does happen when a student uses poor judgement on a night meant for fun and dancing.

"This can happen anywhere at anytime, just an emphasis on prom is my big deal. I want everyone to have a safe prom." Says Lane Mathson, a junior who set up the mock crash.

Lane says he hopes seeing the mock crash, which killed a classmate and a middle schooler, will help his fellow classmates make better decisions on Prom night.

Prom is next Saturday.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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