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Pet Pause: Losing a pet, how to find them

by Natalie Sparacio & Dolores Glytas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)-- Millions of cats and dogs go missing each year.

Let's go over some hints to help you get your pet home again.

Indoor cats (and all should be indoor) tend to hide close to home so you need to look in every possible nook where a scared kitty might hide. Once you find her approach slowly and call her name quietly so as not to scare her. If she doesn't come or stays away longer try and rent a live trap from your shelter. Set some smell tuna inside and cover the out side with a blanket. Hopefully this will work.

 Dogs, unlike cats who lay low until dark, tend to start smelling everywhere and get on to a lot of scents. First call your local animal control. Walk the neighborhood calling his name along with squeaky toy and treats.

If your pet is not home within 24 hours:

Tell everyone! Pass out and post colorful and waterproof flyers. Offer a reward but for security don't put your name and address.

Contact your local shelter drop off flyer and check with them every few days. Also contact all surrounding shelters, as your pet may have wondered a lot farther than your immediate area.

Run a newspaper ad or post on the Internet (again be security wise)

Have I. D. tags on your pet's collar.  Best of all have your pet micro chipped as collars and can come off.

Next week we will expand on micro chipping, Justin Loew's cat undergoes the procedure.

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio



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