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Shape up for Summer

Shape up for Summer

by Elizabeth Fay

WESTON (WAOW)--Carrie Marohl wanted to drop a few pounds and she knew she wasn't alone. She and a pal roped up friends, family members, anyone who was serious about losing weight for her 12 week fitness contest.

Here's how it works. The participants pay $10 and split up into teams. During the week, team members exercise and watch what they eat on their own. Come Monday, they measure an arm, thigh, waist and hips then add up the numbers and send it to their team captain. The team with the highest percentage of inches lost takes the lead.

"It can be intimidating to get started on a path to a healthy life and to start a fitness regimen or start eating healthy. Doing it as a team can take away some of those insecurities. It kind of fosters support in people. Doing it individually, they might not have as much of a success rate," says Team Captain, Lisa Rubow.

"They don't want to let their team down so they want to continue to contribute to their team," says Team Captain, Tobi Ghidorzi.

"Everyone is friends, so when we go out to eat, we'll say 'we have weigh in on Monday,'" says participant, Danielle Fischer.

Team Captains keep the group on track. "People just say oh I don't have time. I don't buy it. Even if you fit in ten minutes day, it can really, really help," says Ghidorzi.

The organizer says its the competition, accountability and even money that makes this program a success. "One team lost a total of nine inches between the seven members, which for one week is just incredible," says organizer, Carrie Marohl. Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay



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