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Feeding the world's starving kids

Feeding the world's starving kids

by Elizabeth Fay

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--Volunteers packed Zion United Methodist Church in Marshfield to stick, scoop, and seal meals for the world's starving children.

The project all began with a conversation during Thanksgiving dinner. "As I was stuffing my face with food, thinking, I don't really need to eat two plates of this. I should be helping starving children!" says Annie Shaw.

Annie Shaw Kept her word. She gathered a team of volunteers, 500 people deep. "It feels very great. You see all the people and the excitement and the fun that they are all having. It has been a wonderful experience," says volunteer, Janet Cook.

Workers with the non-profit organization, Feed My Starving Children delivered a truckload of goods to pack 100,000 bags of food. They'll do that for anyone willing to pay $17,000 to cover costs and pack the meals.

"I never thought we could get all that money and I never thought 500 people would join me for two hours scooping, but we found them," says Shaw.

Each bag contains soy protein, dried vegetables, rice and flavoring complete with 20 vitamins and minerals. One bag of food costs less than a quarter. "When it gets to the starving children, they take a cup of it and boil it with water and that makes their meal for the day and that keeps them alive for a day with all the nutrients they need. That's really cool. For 17 cents you are feeding a child," explains Shaw.

Workers will pack up the meals and drive them back to the organizations headquarters in Minnesota. Then they'll shipped them to hungry children across the globe.

Shaw says she plans to do it all again next year with an even bigger goal.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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