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New information about suspect in NYC terror plot

WASHINGTON (ABC)--  We are getting a better picture this morning of the accused terrorist behind the attempt to bomb Times Square.  Faisal Shahzad is talking to investigators.  The family man from the suburbs, turned terror camp trainee has told them that he received bomb making instruction in his native Pakistan.

Once 30-year-old Faisal Shahzad was in custody, officials said he almost immediately admitted that he drove the Nissan loaded with explosives into Times Square last Saturday. 

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says, "I was never in any fear that we were in danger of losing him."

The fact is, ABC News has learned that Shahzad almost got away.  First, an FBI surveillance team actually lost track of Shahzad at some point Monday.

Then, despite being on a federal no-fly list, Shahzad was arrested late Monday night at JFK airport in New York, trying to flee the country aboard an Emirates flight bound for Dubai.

According to an audio tape from aboard the flight, the air traffic controller tells the pilots, "I have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately. So make the left turn when able."

The 30 year-old suspect is now charged with attempting an act of terror by using a weapon of mass destruction, and traveling to the United States to commit an act of terror.

Officials say Shahzad also revealed he spent more than a month training with the Taliban in Pakistan, which he said provided him with the money to pay for his attempted car bomb attack.

Neighbors in Bridgeport, Connecticut,  where the suspect lived with his wife and two children, say he mysteriously left for Pakistan just two months after gaining U.S. Citizenship about a year ago.

Officials in Pakistan say they have made two arrests there of people directly connected to Shahzad: one his father-in-law, the other a person who reportedly traveled to the U.S. to help set up the plot.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney


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