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Class of the Week 5/7: Rib Lake Middle School

by Natalie Sparacio

RIB LAKE (WAOW)--  The library at Rib Lake Middle School was designed in the 1980's, and has never been re-designed. Faculty refer to it as a big yellowish-organ box.

Elizabeth Eidsen, an Americorps Volunteer, says, "... I decided I wanted to do something that would brighten up the library and get kids interested in the books that we have on the shelves... and use a form of art... we have a lot of sports but not a lot for kids in middle school who enjoy art."

So the school's Americorps Volunteers came up with what they call, "Spring Flight Mural Thing". It's a two week after school project to change the atmosphere of the library.

Eidsen says, "... they were really excited.. just glowing with it... they got to stand on tables in the library and paint on the walls so what middle schooler isn't going to like it."

Krista Betz, a 6th grader who worked on the project, says, "... it was awesome.. just being able to stand on tables... using fingers to paint... it was pretty cool."

The fiction and non-fiction murals represent the different genres...the fiction paintings reflect prominent childhood storylines.. while the fiction mural is spacial oriented.

Dusty Schneider, an 8th grader who's part of the project says the walls used to be dull, but that isn't the case anymore.

These middle schoolers transformed their school library into a place that's not only more desirable to the eye, but a place where students and faculty can see the artistic talent and creativity within this school's walls.

That's why they're this week's Class of the Week.

Every Friday at 6:30 a.m. we announce another winner, to nominate a group of students, email us at .

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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