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Protecting your pet from Lyme Disease

Protecting your pet from Lyme Disease

by Elizabeth Fay

MOSINEE (WAOW)--Along with the sunshine and flowers Spring brought deer ticks. The State Department of Health Services says the warm weather attracted more deer ticks than usual.

The ticks tend to hide out in wooded and grassy areas. If a deer tick latches on to your dog, it can pass on Lyme Disease, a potentially serious bacterial infection.

Veterinarian Dr. Pope of Mosinee says preventing Lyme Disease is two-fold. He recommends vaccinating your dog each year and applying a tick repellent ointment.

Dr. Pope also suggests inspecting dogs for ticks after they go outdoors. If you find one he says remove it then ask your veterinarian to test your dog for the disease. "You don't want to know how many we see! We see an average positive dog a day. It averages more than 300 a year, just in this building," says Dr. Pope.

The disease can be treated before the problems begin. Common symptoms include limping, lack of energy, loss of appetite and vomiting. The doctor says symptoms that go undetected are most concerning. That's because Lyme Disease can lead to kidney failure and even death.

The disease cannot be transmitted from a pet to a person, but ticks can also infect humans. If you're out in the woods, he says it's smart to check yourself for ticks.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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