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Martial artists gather in Rhinelander for big seminar

By Sean Giggy

(WAOW)- Many of the top martial artists from Wisconsin and around the country gathered in Rhinelander today for the 21st annual North Central Instructors Black Belt Federation seminar.

The seminar aims to educate martial artists of different styles outside of their own system.

Fighters of all ages spent the day rotating through various stations and learning new techniques.

More than seven martial arts styles were represented at the seminar and instructors say the day gives martial artists the chance to learn from some of the top fighters in the area.

Says Instructor Bill Penca, "There's a great wealth of knowledge in this area that a lot of people don't know about," said instructor Bill Penca. "There are some very prominent masters and they come together every year, usually twice a year actually, to impart knowledge upon all the different students that come from all over the country."

Says Master Mike Homann, "I think to me one of the big benefits to this is that there is no one system that is complete in and of itself," said instructor Mike Homann. "To me, it makes for a more complete martial artist."

Says William Biehl, "You can learn that you have the ability to do anything," said William Biehl of Union Grove, Wisconsin. "Never use the word can't. You may not be able to do it at the time, but you can learn it."

Online Reporter- Sean Giggy

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