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Why Do Chickens Lay Eggs in the Spring?

Since Easter falls in spring it is common to think of eggs, flowers blossoming and green grass.  So I was not surprised when I received an email asking why chickens tend to lay eggs and hatch in the spring.  Like the viewer, I wanted to find out. 

 In this week's "Have you ever wondered", we learn the one key element that's needed for chickens to lay eggs. And why spring is just the natural season.  Check out the video to the right for the full answer.


"With spring in bloom, everywhere you look is new life.

 Because of the spring, the spring flush, the grass grows, the birds lay eggs, the bunnies, everybody gets in full swing.

 At Ninepatch, a local poultry farm, they know that spring is when chickens will naturally begin laying eggs, but why?

 The natural cycle of reproduction takes in place because of the longer light. It is when they reproduce and it works out good because that's when the food supply is best so they can best feed there young.

Light! That is key to everything in the chicken reproduction including manipulating the spring light in the winter to hatch eggs year round.

 If we don't manipulate them as the days get longer they would naturally lay eggs because they lay eggs to reproduce not to feed us.

 And it is not only the hens but most species of natural birds.

 It's the same as the wild birds they come back in the spring because of the light and its warmer and they lay eggs and brew and raise out there young to reproduce."

 Meteorologist Kristen Connolly

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