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The votes are in! 3 Falcon chicks named

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- A contest to name three peregrine falcon chicks in Green Bay has yielded a trio of winners.

The chicks hatched this year in a nesting box built atop the Pulliam power plant near the Fox River.

Kids from kindergarten through 8th grade were asked to submit names for the three hatchlings. Here are the winners:

-- Stormfeather. Fourth-grader Kasey Richert chose the name because a full-grown chick's feathers are a storm-gray color.

-- Hiccup. First-grader Casey Jepson got the idea from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon." He says it's a "cute" name.

-- Pulliam Pigeon Patrol Pete. Fourth-grader Alyse Cherveny says Pulliam refers to the bird's birthplace, pigeon patrol refers to the fact that peregrines hunt pigeons, and Pete gives the name "extra jazz."

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