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Doyle signs ag legislation on Edgar family farm

by Colby Robertson

EDGAR (WAOW) -- The Governor visits north central Wisconsin this morning signing several agriculture bills into law. One of those bills extends the dairy modernization tax credit program through 2012.

This tax credit extension allows farmers to invest in their operations despite the tough economic times they continue to face.

With the stroke of pen, Governor Doyle extends the dairy and livestock investment tax credits through 2012 to help dairy farmers like Peter Arnold through these tough economic times.

Arnold says, "Uncertainty of where the future will be so we have to enforce what we know and get better at what we have and definitely the part of dairy modernization is going to help us."

In September 2008, the economic collapse devastated Wisconsin dairy farmers.

Governor Doyle says, "Like many industries across the country, our farmers have faced some really tough times."

In order to ensure Wisconsin stays a strong Dairy state, Governor Doyle signs several ag bills into law on the Arnold's family farm in Edgar.

Gov. Doyle says, "It has been a very very hard time. What these tax credits have done for dairy's big and small across the state has allowed them to make real improvements to become more modern and to become more efficient and as they make those improvements with the tax credit."

It's legislation Doyle says is important of the ag community across the state.

Gov. Doyle says, "This leverages huge amounts of money in the investment as a way we can help farmers out, but it's also really important for our economy, because its lead to greater milk production, it's lead to greater cheese production so it helps the whole economy."

For the Arnold's, it's a tax credit they say works. In the past they've used it to help modernize their grazing, grass based dairy farm expanding it into what it is today.

Arnold says, "In the past we build a milking parlor, we upgrade our milk house facility for more efficient heating units, cattle housing, so all that helps be more efficient more productive."

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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