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LATEST: Autopsy results in for Athens toddler death

by Pam Warnke

ATHENS (WAOW) -- Police just released the findings of an autopsy on a 2-year-old Athens boy who was found dead at his home Wednesday morning.

Police tell Newsline 9 the autopsy revealed no physical trauma to the body, no apparent organ deformities or issues, the child was not dehydrated and to the naked eye there appeared to be no infection.

What detectives are questioning now is findings in this autopsy that show Jeremiah Gossett had total adrenal gland depletion.

This can happen when the body is severely stressed. Gossett's family found him Wednesday morning at their home on Pioneer Road in Athens.

He suffered accidental scalding to his chest, back and arms Saturday. It's unclear how that factors in to his death, but that's certainly something investigators are considering.

They'll likely know more when microbiology tests come back on whether he had some type of infection from those burns.

The boy did get medical attention, although it's unclear at this point what kind of treatment that was.

Gossett was the youngest of eight children. For now police say the case and cause of death remain open.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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