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Feds: Government can't push BP aside on oil spill


GRAND ISLE, La. (ABC)-- Oil has been spilling out of the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico for 36 days and BP is still at least a day away from another attempt to control it.  Meanwhile, the White House is facing increasing questions about why the government cannot take more control over the massive oil spill.  The Coast Guard's commander says pushing BP out of the way simply raises the question of replacing them "with what?"

Some are already calling it Obama's Katrina.  But the President insists he's on the case.

Obama says, "We are going to be tireless in working to do everything we can to support the community and everybody whose livelihoods have been imperiled down in the region."

This spill, now the size of Maryland and Delaware combined, keeps growing.  A team of conservationists shot underwater video Monday 20 miles off  the coast of Louisiana.  At every level, they say, they saw huge bulks of oil.

Beaches can be cleaned up, but marshes cannot.  Louisiana's governor warns his entire shoreline could look like this soon, if he does not get more help immediately.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says, "We need more boom, more skimmers, more vacuums, more jack-up barges that are still in short supply. Let's be clear: every day that this oil sits and waits for cleanup is one more day that more of our marsh dies."

The CEO of BP made a surprise visit Monday to one of the beaches spotted with oil.

Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, says, "I'm absolutely devastated. We can't change the past. But we can do everything in our power to make the future better and that's what we're going to do."

A group of lawmakers down from Washington say they will hold BP to that promise.

Ken Salazar, the U.S. Interior Secretary, says, "We will keep our boot on their neck until the job gets done."

The Coast Guard insists that it makes no sense for the government to take over the cleanup from BP. They say the company has the expertise, equipment and personnel necessary.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney

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