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Brothers in Stevens Point perfect Martial Arts together


By Russ Owens

(WAOW)-  13-year old Kolten Pope has been practicing martial arts for the past six years, and this past December, Kolten became the youngest person ever to receiver their second degree blackbelt in the 30 plus year history at Catura's Martial Arts Center in Stevens Point.

Says Kolten Pope, "That made me feel extremely happy when I tested and passed, the youngest ever is just amazing."

Says Brent Catura, "The unique thing about Kolten is when he first started wanting to compete, he would lose, some students look at that experience when they lose and give up, and he's not like that."

Says Kolten, "A lot of hitting yourself, you just gotta work through that too, a lot of hard work."

Kolten and his younger brother Kaide have also competed in numerous national and even international events, and it's something these to boys are glad to have been able to share together, learning from each other as well.

Says Kaide Pope, "If I don't do something right, he can come and tell me why, and how to do it better."

Says Kolten, "He's helped a lot in sparring in giving me a sparring partner instead of hitting my dad or a bag."

Says Kaide, "We've got a good relationship I think."

And these two don't plan to stop now, they tell you they have every intention of gaining the highest honor in the sport, that coveted tenth degree black belt.

Says Kolten, "I hope to achieve youngest third degree too."

Says Kaide, "I want to keep going because my brother will keep going, so he can keep helping me and I can keep helping him."

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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