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Oil in Gulf will be seen into Fall


Gulf of Mexico (ABC News) -- BP is siphoning more than 10,000 barrels of oil a day from the broken well, but that might only be half of what's being released. A new estimate has the spill lasting until Fall, and oil-covered bodies of birds have now been found in Florida and Texas.

After so many failed fixes, BP is cautiously optimistic that progress is being made. Its latest fix, a containment cap, appears to be capturing about half of the estimated million gallons of oil a day that is flowing from the well.

BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, says a second containment system could be in place by next weekend.

"So when those two are in place we very much hope to be containing the vast majority of the oil," Hayward said.

But so much oil has already escaped that the environmental and economic damage is growing daily. Officials overseeing the response to the spill said the battle to contain the leak may continue for quite some time.

"The area we're in right now, this is some of the best fishing in the whole region, and the oil's coming in - just wave after wave. It's hard to stomach , it really is," said Dave Marino, boat captain from Myrtle Grove, Louisiana.

As the oil comes ashore from Louisiana to Florida, pelicans struggle to free themselves from the oil, and now tar has begun washing up on Pensacola's white sandy beaches, angering residents. Even singer Jimmy Buffett, who's opening a hotel here next week, expressed his frustration. "

This is an environmental disaster that nobody asked for over here."

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