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Extra Innings With the Chucks: Brandon King


By Russ Owens

WAUSAU (WAOW)-  A Chucks rookie, Brandon King hails from Fresno City College in California. And so far he's been a good fit for the team, hitting close to .400 on the season, ranking in the top three in the entire league in that category.

Says Brandon King, "You know my philosophy is just get on the field, play hard, play as hard as you can, and take every at-bat like it's your last. I go to the plate trying to see a lot of pitches and if I get my pitch I'm gonna really try to get into it."

Says Guido Aspeitia, "He just called me one day and I wanted him, he's a champion, what can you say, he's unbelievable."

The will-be junior also ranks in the Northwoods League top ten in RBI, home runs, hits and runs scored. The guy can pretty much do it all, and has made a pretty seamless transition to using the wooden bat.

Says King, "It doesn't matter to me, you put a bat in my hand and I'm gonna try to hit the ball hard. I really love swinging the wooden bats because I love the sound and that's real baseball right there, the wood bat is real baseball."

Says Aspeitia, "Some guys just hit at every level they're at."

He has that great winning attitude too which has to be a big reason why he and the rest of the team sit in first place.

Says King, "You know, no one likes to lose, and this team has a real determination to be in first place. As long as you come out here and give it your best, that's all you can do."

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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