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UPDATE: Kronenwetter PD catch convicted sex offender

UPDATE: Kronenwetter PD catch convicted sex offender


KRONENWETTER (WAOW) -- 52-year-old Floyd Romatowski is back in police custody tonight after nearly a week on the run.

Krownenwetter and Mosinee Police apprehended Romatowski just after 6:00 Saturday Morning in a wooded area between North and Pyke Roads near Kronenwetter.

Officers say they've been searching for the man day and night, since he cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet last Sunday.

"There were absolutely no problems what so ever. He came walking out of the woods, the officers put him into handcuffs. He was pretty tired, hungry and thirsty and I think he was just ready to give up," says Lt. Terry McHugh of the Kronenwetter Police Department.

Romatowski has relatives with property near the spot police found him.

He served 12 years behind bars for the sexual assault of a child.

Authorities released him into the community back in December.

They say he was cooperating until last week.

He's now being lodged at the Marathon County Jail, awaiting charges for violating his parole.


KRONENWETTER (WAOW) --A convicted sex offender is on the run.

Kronenwetter Police search for 52-year old Floyd Raymond Romatowski who police say cut off his monitoring bracelet Sunday night.

"I happened to have my 12-year-old here this weekend and it made me feel pretty uncomfortable knowing that the guy was on the loose for three days, cutting his bracelet off," says Kevin Walker who lives in Kronenwetter.

Police say Romatowski was last seen around the 3800 block of North Road in Kronenwetter. He is 5-feet 8-inches tall,170-pounds with blonde hair, hazels eyes and a criminal background.

"Back in 1998 he committed a sexual assault on a 15-year-old female. He was convicted of first degree sexual assault," says the Corrections Field Supervisor of the Department of Corrections, Mike Williams.

Police have been searching for Romatowski since Sunday night after he cut off his monitoring bracelet. People who know him say, he's not dangerous.

"I don't think he would really hurt anybody," says Marge Morris who personally knows Romatowski.

Marge and Frank Morris of Kronenwetter say Romatowski stopped by their house yesterday asking for water.

"It sounded to us that he wasn't interested in getting into any sort of trouble or anything. He just really wants to get a job and live a normal type of life. He said what had happened in the past, he was done with," says Morris.

"I told him, you got yourself into trouble so you should be worried about getting yourself out. You are only getting yourself in deeper," says Frank Morris.

The couple says they contacted the police after speaking with him, although he was already on the run.

Romatowski served 12 years in prison. If he is found, authorities say he will likely go back behind bars.

Romatowski was last seen wearing a black tank top and a bandana. Police say if you come into contact with Romatowski, call 911. If you have any information about Romatowski's location, you are asked to contact Marathon County Dispatch at 715-261-1200.

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