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Someone You Should Know: Marcia Thiel


WAUSAU (WAOW)-- Marcia Thiel spends her final moments at the Woodson Art Museum talking to long time friend and colleague Kathy Foley. They've logged a lot of years here together. Now on this last day Thiel ties up a few loose ends.


"I've kinda been doing what I call Enron-ing: Emptying out paper files and computer files, and shredding a few things. Just kind of winding things down," said Thiel.

Thiel's retirement marks an end of a public relations era at the museum. When she started at the museum a little over three decades ago, the art venue had only been open a year.

"My job has really grown up around me. It just seemed like when something came up it just kept getting added to my workload. That's the best way to go into a job. Not to have it all dumped on you at one time, but just to keep adding to what you're doing and make things more enjoyable."

Things have changed drastically since then. What once was a staff of four is now a staff of 14. Additions to the building and the expansion of the sculpture garden are attractions Thiel has used to draw crowds from near and far. Today, the gallery holds an exhibition featuring works of realism. Beautiful, vibrant colors and characters.

Not unlike the kinds of people that come from around the world to this well respected place. It's hard to believe that when Thiel started here after several years as an English teacher, she knew little about art.

Perhaps what draws the biggest crowd and requires the most planning and promotion is the revered Birds in Art.

"It is the thing we are best known for, and that works to our advantage in a lot of areas."

Known by bird-lovers around the world as a prestigious exhibition of wildlife art, Thiel didn't take part in the planning this year.

"I didn't feel there was any point in saying let's do this and that if I'm not going to be around to help carry it out. That did feel odd."

She hands over the reins gracefully and ready.

Tying up loose ends on a career as she's done with each and every project over the years.

"Big or small, I fells like everyday there was something I contributed to, and that makes me feel good. I'm walking away feeling very satisfied."

Two people have been hired to replace her.


Online Reporter: Pam Warnke


by Pam Warnke

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