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Water Walkers provide big show on skis


By Russ Owens

(WAOW)-  The Water Walker ski show team has been in Wausau for 13 years now, and the skiiers provide shows in the area every Thursday and Sunday evening throughout the summer.  The team is open to almost all ages, and they say becoming a member requires no experience on the water.

Says Scott Gokey, "Usually if they can stay on two skis, we can get them into the show in a week or two, so they're pretty excited when they join the team, they'll be shocked when they can be in the show in just one or two weeks."

Says Janelle Gokey, "We use wide boards, and they're a little wider than normal water skis, so it's a little faster learning progression I guess. It's a great family thing, the whole entire family can join and everyone will be used."

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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