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Biker's wife speaks out about arrest in husband's accident


By Colby Robertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- After an arrest is made in the hit and run that left 26 year old Tim Wissbroeker critically injured, Tim's wife, Candice, wants to know who did this to her husband. To her, this arrest brings relief that justice is moving forward.

Tim Wissbroeker has spent the past week at Wausau Aspirus Hospital. Candice by his side the entire time.

"Obviously the most important thing right now is Tim and how he is doing and that's where my focus is," Candice said. 

The Wausau triathlete suffering head injuries, several spinal fractures, a broken pelvis, a broken leg and other internal injuries after a hit and run accident just west of Antigo. Despite all of that, Candice says she's not angry.

"I still don't have that anger feeling towards him, but the situation is very upsetting and irritating to know he did avoid and everything so there's some of that but I'm still not bitter or angry."

An arrest finally made leaves Candice relieved the alleged driver is now off the road.

"That was just a wave of relief, not necessarily one of the things off the plate because now everything is starting as far as the legal end of things, but it's nice to know he's off the roads."

Tim's condition continues to improve. He continues to work towards recovery determined to get back out on his bike and on the road.

"He is determined that he's going to do the Ironman next year in Madison but of course that's all dependent on how quickly he heals. Things in his favor is being strong, healthy, young, so his recovery should be pretty smooth and quick."

Monday, Tim had ankle surgery. His wife hoping he can start the rehabilitation process in a couple weeks, but doctors are still evaluating his back injury.

The police are advising the family not talk about the reward fund that was set up for information on finding the driver, but the sheriff said it was a tip that lead them to Joseph Thomas workplace, but they won't elaborate anymore.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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