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60-Second Angler 7/13/10

As fisherman and women we're always looking for ways, like everyone else, to save some money.  And if you buy your fishing jigs in bulk they sometimes need to be maintained or changed altogether and that means paint.  It's expensive.  It's also, many times, a several step process that can include baking.  Yes, I said baking.  It's a pain but I learned long ago you may have something nearby that's a ton better than regular jig paint and it's far cheaper.  Nail polish.  That's right, nail polish.  I have all daughters and granddaughters and realized early on I could get dad's revenge by borrowing their nail polish from time to time.  Better colors with names like, "iced cappuccino", "bizerk turq" and "nectar".  There's higher gloss, more sparkles, more glow in the dark and best yet, less expensive.  And guys, if you can stand the smell, it's worth it.  I'm Mike Michalak, The 60-Second Angler.  Good luck on the water.

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