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Marshfield considers poultry as city pets

Marshfield considers poultry as city pets

by Elizabeth Fay

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--When its time for breakfast, Celia Sturzl of Marshfield heads to her backyard, the home to 20 egg-producing pets.

"We just like raising them because it's a fun hobby and we like having a fresh supply of eggs. They taste better and they are just a lot more nutritious, I feel," says Sturzl.

The Sustainable Marshfield Committee is now considering bringing this countryside custom to the city. The committee is in the preliminary stages of creating a city ordinance to allow four hens per household.

"We are in the process at this time of researching the aspects of raising urban chickens. We are reviewing other ordinances in other communities," says committee member Sue Meyer.

Supporters of the idea say urban poultry lets people know where their food is coming from and exposes kids to agriculture.

Opponents raise concerns about smell and noise.

"There are different kinds of hens. Some hens depending on where they're bred, like that one is probably a noisier one, but most hens are pretty quiet. There are some that hardly ever make a peep in their life," explains Sturzl, talking over her clucking hen.

Committee members plan to ban roosters, animals known for making a morning ruckus. They say they'll consider public opinion as they move forward.

"I think there some misconceptions so we need to address those and make sure that what we set as a guideline is followed and is acceptable for the community," says Meyer.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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