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Extra Innings With The Woodchucks: Travis Whitmore


By Russ Owens

WAUSAU (WAOW) - For the second straight year, infielder Travis Whitmore joins Wisconsin for the summer season from the University of Pittsburgh, and for the second straight year, he's fighting at the top in batting average for the team as well as RBI.

Says Travis Whitmore, "A lot of us are 100 at-bats in now, so the wood bat isn't affecting as much as when we first got here, college season is obviously aluminum but even in college, we swing wood bats in BP, so just the more game at-bats you get, the better."

Says Guido Aspeitia, "We know exactly what we're going to get from him, last year he hit close to .300 for us, I think .299, he plays hard every single day."

It seems that experience has certainly helped, Whitmore more comfortable, knowing what to expect in his second straight season in the Northwoods league in Wausau.

Says Whitmore, "It's great being back here a second year, knowing the ropes, knowing the city, and knowing the people especially, and Guido, knowing how he works, teaching the other guys how he works so we can all be on the same page, and hopefully really do that in the second half so we can start off on the right foot."

Says Aspeitia, "It's really important because they know my system, they know my style of play, there's a tremendous amount of trust that goes both ways, that continuity is very important in not only building a team, but a program."

You shouldn't be surprised by Whitmore's success with the Chucks either. The will-be senior finished fourth in batting average last year with the Pitt Panthers. Reporting in Wausau, Russ Owens, Newsline Nine Sports.


Online Reporter: Russ Owens

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