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Cleaning up after the storm

by Colby Robertson

TOWN OF HILES (WAOW) -- The day after severe storms sweep through our area, the clean-up process begins. The Town of Hiles just outside of Pittsville seems to be one of the worst areas hit by Wednesday nights storm.

This is the aftermath, after severe storms rip through Wood County. The heart of the storm causing major damage in the Town of Hiles.

Jessica Baker says, "We've lived here for 14 years and this is the worst storm that's gone through here."

Baker and her sister spend the morning picking up their yard. Down the road their neighbors work to get this tree out of their driveway.

Katelyn Hatfield says, "We heard a crack of lightening after my brother started screaming because he saw something in the sky and the tree right in front of our living room wind came flying towards us."

Residents say this property on Wallace Road, the worst hit.

Robin Jones says, "The shed came this way, the trees were going that way, there's just stuff everywhere."

Jones and her husband coming home from work after the storm to find the barn gone, the shed ripped apart, their new truck damaged, and trees everywhere, even on the house.

Family and friends helping out in any way they can. The entire community picking up the pieces and putting this small town back together.

Jones says, "It means a lot. It really does. It's really nice coming from a small town because that's what you get. Something happens and everybody's jumping in. Everyone wants to help. It's great, I greatly appreciate it and I think it's wonderful."

Residents were all able to assess most of the damage last night before it got dark Wednesday, but they couldn't begin the cleanup until all the powerlines were taken care of.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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