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Water ski support

Water ski support

by Elizabeth Fay

WISCONSIN RAPIDS (WAOW)--Hundreds of people slather on the sunscreen and slip on their sunglasses to watch the 44th State Water Ski Tournament in Wisconsin Rapids.

Leave it to the experts to pull of stunts like a human pyramid, 34-people deep. "It takes the teamwork of all 34 of them. One girl puts one wrong foot placement the whole things is going to go down," explains a skier with the Webfooters, Megan Lenoble. 


Teamwork, talent and dedication brought 24 teams to the State Water Ski Tournament along with hundreds of fans. Red shirts spotted this year's crowd. It's all for a skier named Kristin Schoyer, a UW-Milwaukee student who barely escaped death after a motorcycle versus car accident.


"I was thrown off as the passenger of the bike at about 40 miles an hour. First, I hit the car than I hit the concrete," explains Kristin Schoyer of Burlington a member of the Aqua Ducks.

"The hospital considered her a miracle patient because no one can survive an accident flying through the air hitting her head. Whatever happened to her, it's very rare that she survived," says Schoyer's teammate, Camren Daniels.

Doctors replaced the left part of her skull about a week ago. Schoyer's story spread quickly throughout the water skiing community. "Her ability to fight through it is so inspirational. She is the reason you push yourself in the acts, therefore, something had to be done for her. Something that was memorable."

When Kristin came to support her teammates at the state competition, she saw fellow skiers and even strangers sporting shirts bearing her name.

"I cried. I had no idea," says Schoyer.

Teammates sold the tees at the competition, raising funds for Schoyer's medical bills and showing a bond that goes beyond the sport.  "Thanks everybody for all the love and support because I would not be here today, if I didn't get it."


Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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