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60-Second Angler 7/20/10

In all of my running around I get asked from time to time about what to do if you think you've caught a record fish.  Well, there are a number of things and the first is to NOT clean or freeze the fish.  If you think you legitimately have a record catch, keeping it alive and well is the best start until you can get it on ice and then to a certified scale.  That could be a grocery store, hardware store or similar business.  Have it weighed then witnessed by at least two other people.  Then, contact the DNR to have the species identified correctly and determine if it indeed may be a record.  Then there's the paperwork.  You have to complete the Wisconsin Record Fish Application, have it signed by the person who verified the weight, have it notarized then send it off to Madison and wait.  If that catch is really huge you may want to contact the International Game Fish Association and see if it's a world record.  The regulatory process for this designation is huge and complete details are available at IGFA.ORG.  It's a thrill just knowing you have the chance at a record.  And as anglers there's always that "what if" question.  Don't wait, and get it checked.  I'm Mike Michalak, The 60-Second Angler, good luck on the water.

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