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Relay For Life 'Survivor's Day' in Marshfield

by Brittany Earl

MARSHFIELD(WAOW)--For nearly 20 years Marshfield Clinic and Saint Joseph's Hospital have annually celebrated Survivor's Day. It's an event that gives people the chance to share their stories.

Kathie Boyance a Radiology Therapist says, "This is a small town people know us personally, if we can show them we got through this with the use of medicine and can go to work, they can survive too."

Kathie Boyance has been a radiologist therapist for more than 20 years working with cancer patients.

Kathie says, "I always put my patients first and put myself in their shoes. I know I always thank god that I'm on the other side of that table."

In 2003 Kathie was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. She was forced to experience the other side. I had always been the care taker. It was very difficult for me to be the patient and walk up into the clinic. I thought I can't do this."

Those same feelings and thoughts is what author Gail Konop-Baker writes about during her battle with cancer.

Gail Konop-Baker the Author of Cancer Changes Everything-I'd rather be having a midlife crisis says, "It started as a journal so I was really just recording what I felt, saw and in the moment very raw things. I never really though I'd make it a book. By writing this book I had involuntarily tapped in to the life of the patients."

Gail now travels the U.S. sharing her story helping doctors and nurses understand how just one word can affect their patients.

Gail says, "The doctor gave me a look maybe they were thinking about their kid in day care. Just making one look makes them over react."

Kathie says, "When someone is having a really tough time with cancer I can say I understand because I had cancer as well. Talk is talk, I do think it's more believable to the patients."

For the past three years Marshfield Clinic and Saint Joseph's Hospital have collaborated with Relay For Life. It's people like Gail and Kathie that come and share their stories, helping cancer survivors know that they are not alone.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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