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Gulf relief well down to final, tricky 100 feet

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The relief well being drilled to ensure crude never again spills into the ocean from BP's paralyzed well in the Gulf of Mexico has been dubbed the ultimate solution to the drama that's unfolded over the past three months.

It's the final, suspenseful act as one man guides a drill more than two miles beneath the sea floor and three miles from the surface, trying to hit a target less than half the size of a dartboard. The drill is about as wide as a grapefruit, and the target now lies less than 100 feet away.

If John Wright misses, BP engineers will pull the drill bit up, pour concrete in the off-track hole and then try again. Wright is 40-for-40 , though, having helped capped wells across the world in four decades of work. And he seemed confident in a June video put out by BP that he could make it 41-for-41.

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