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Pet Pause: Dealing with the loss of a pet

by Natalie Sparacio and Dolores Glytas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)-- We all deal with the lose of a friend or family member is different ways –for  so many of us the lose of our pet is very emotional as well.

For so many people our pet is the most important being we live with.  This is very true for elderly people who live alone.  The death of a pet should be respected and taken seriously for that person or persons.

Should we go and get another pet right away in hopes of easing the pain?

I've seen people rush out and try to get the exact same pet in hopes of  having ‘fluffy' back, only to be hurt more as this pet is very different. Give yourself time to grieve and remember the good times shared with your pet. Sometimes it takes a while to welcome a new pet and realize no pet is the exact same.

What should friends and family do ?

Don't make light or a joke of the pet's passing.  Be sympathetic, send a card or donate to a shelter in that pet's name. Be ‘there' for your friend or loved one. The worst thing you can say is ‘it's only a dog or cat!   Not to the person who lost that ‘best friend'.

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio 



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