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Antique show visits Merrill

By: Heather Sawaski

MERRILL (WAOW) -- Antiques experts from the Ohio River Valley Refinery and Roadshow are in Merrill all this week.

And if the items right, they're ready to hand out a lot of cash.

Donna Eckerle wants to know how much the collection of coins in her antique clock is worth.

"I have this clock that was a gift from my husband when he was alive.. and the coins in this are 1964 too, so I wanted to see how much they were worth," says Eckerle

The 1960's coins were passed down from her mother.  

She and her daughter sat down with an expert from the Ohio River Valley Refinery.

A traveling roadshow is hoping to buy up all things old.

"We try to purchase it at a reasonable price for both the person selling it and the collector, we play the middle man," says roadshow Field Manager, Nate Smith.


The refinery has a database of more than 5-thousand collectors.. people from around the world ready to pay top dollar, if the item's right.

And luckily for Donna, there is a bite on her antique clock, she'll get 25-bucks for it.

Roadshow leaders say they'll look at anything, old signs, jewelry, dolls.

But the hottest ticket item; definitely silver coins.

They could be worth anywhere from a couple bucks, to a couple million.

 Smith described what makes a coin valuable.

"Condition, quality, and where is it in a collection set. Basically, we'll buy anything if we can agree on a price on it."

Donna's silver, not as rare as she thought.

But she still leaves with a smile on her face, and 40 dollars in her pocket.

The roadshow is in Merrill all week.

They're at the "Americinn" on East Main Street from 9 to 6, and 9 to 4 on Friday.

The field manager says they're able to hand out up to 200-thousand dollars this week, so it's definitely a good idea to stop by and see if you can strike it rich.

Online Reporter: Heather Sawaski

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