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60-Second Angler 8/10/10

I just returned from a good-sized road trip and a lot of people told me how bad the fishing is…for all sorts of reasons.  When I had time I probed a little deeper and it's the common tale of not having enough prep time.  Most often these anglers drove to the gas station, got some bait, hit the water and came back empty handed.  Most only had smaller boats, no electronics and little if any knowledge of the water they were on.  The sport of fishing hasn't changed for centuries.  Sure, there are improvements that locate fish but nothing on the market will make them bite, despite the claims.  It all boils down to where you present your bait.  Now if you're looking for walleye, I'll be honest, it's tough these days without some kind of sounder.  But if you've got kids in tow or just want some action, find the logs or lily pads for bass.  If you see a rocky point of land sticking into the water, those rocks continue out and work it for small mouth, maybe a walleye or two if it's not too bright out.  Stick to broadleaf weeds, not grass.  If you're on a river, toss something behind the rocks or downed trees and work it out.  Fish are always hiding, either for fear of being eaten or waiting to eat.  Live bait or artificial, keep throwing, keep moving and you'll do fine. 

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