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Maddening manhunt for Ariz. fugitives reaches Ark.

GENTRY, Ark. (AP) -- The manhunt continues for a couple who fancy themselves a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde and have eluded capture since a brazen Arizona prison break.

John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch are two of the most-wanted fugitives in America. They've traversed towns across the West and evaded police at every turn.

It was thought they might have robbed a beauty salon in Arkansas on Wednesday. But after looking at photos of the fugitives, the owner determined it wasn't them.

Investigators had thought they may have boxed them in near Glacier National Park in Montana. But there's no sign of them.

The saga began July 30 when McCluskey and two fellow inmates broke out of prison. Authorities believe Welch helped them. Two of the inmates have since been caught.

Forensic evidence has linked the group to a double homicide in New Mexico.

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