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60-Second Angler 8-17-10

Listening to some guys talk about the poor luck they were having fishing for walleye over the weekend.  They were doing a couple things right but didn't go that next step and by that I mean weren't prepared for what the lake and mother nature threw at them.  First, the wind was in control and if you can't handle the boat you're finished fishing.  Secondly, they were wayyyy to shallow.  In these dog days of August, you have to stay mobile and most often, stay deep.  No matter what lake you're on, I'd recommend beginning with the deepest weeds you can find because these fish are moving to cooler water and the plants provide more oxygen.  More importantly the bait fish are there, too.  A jig and minnow or leech will work but my money's on the deep water, worked with a slip bobber or bottom bouncer with a crawler.  Typically these fish are bigger and hauling one up from 20-plus feet is a lot more fun.  Give it a try before we lose all this heat of summer.

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