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UPDATE: HR committee chair resigns, merger talks continue

by Colby Robertson

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- New fall out Wednesday night, after Wausau City Council members stall on a joint human resources agreement with the county.

Alderman Jim Brezinski resigned from his role as the chairman of the city Human Resources Committee saying he's disappointed in the tenor of the debate.

The Mayor will have to appoint a new chairperson to replace Brezinski as leaders continue hashing out the details of the possible merger.

City leaders hope to jump on board with the Marathon County Human resources department soon but they've hit a bump--whether or not two workers will stay employed by the city or transfer over to the county.

The City of Wausau's 300 employees have gone two years without a Human Resources Director. Now Mayor Jim Tipple is hoping to combine with the County. He calls it a win win for both.

Mayor Tipple says, "I believe that delivering the most cost effective services are usually derived by synergy from two corporate entities."

Talk about a merger has gone on for several years, but now talks are delayed. County Administrator Brad Karger says the dispute is over whether or not the two current Wausau employees in the HR department will stay Wausau employees or transfer over to Marathon County.

Karger says, "The issue really becomes, who are they employed by? Who do they take direction by? We're not planning on having two city people who service the city, the plan is to have six people who service the city and the county."

Alderperson Romey Wagner is on board for a merger, but says he wants more information, more communication and clarification.

Wagner says, "The details were to be worked out. We need to have a road map in how to get to the combined area. It seems too cut and dry right now, sign this and the county takes over. We're looking for a merger, we're not looking for an HR for hire. We still want to have input."

But Karger says the two city employees will have to transfer over to the county or the merger is a no go.

Karger says, "We don't have an immediate need. The city approached us because they don't have an HR professional."

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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